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Meet Mark

Mark Time has made overcoming adversity an art form.

The Royal Marines was his first metaphorical Goliath, but with fortitude and resilience as his sidekick he became a commando by the age of 17. Camaraderie, adventure and the occasional bout of idiocy have since become personal watchwords, creating his unique style that celebrates the many faces of society. In battling his own mental health issues, Mark is keen to provide humour in all his work, and is passionate about painting the world with colour.

In addition to books, Mark contributes to a number of satirical websites, is a feature writer for the national press and a bumbling tech biff trying to maintain a travel blog.

Mark spends his spare time travelling, failing miserably to retain his six-pack and retrieving his hyperactive Jack Russell from rabbit burrows. Having grown up in Yorkshire, Mark now divides his time between the UK and anywhere cheap.


Warlord of the Seas

Dom Mee with Mark Time

Available: 17.7.2018

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'Djibouti was the Wild West of the 21st century. Russian Spetsnaz, US Navy Seals and British SAS all descended on the small former French colony looking for action and a large chunk of cash. We rocked up in an 80-foot gunboat. That got everyone’s attention.' ~ Dom Mee

When the ruthless Garaad pioneers multi-million dollar ransoms, pirates are hijacking a ship every week. Western navies make grandiose statements and deploy warships yet do nothing to stem attacks. Ship owners know it’s time to find a more robust solution.

After seeing maritime explorer Dom Mee’s exploits on TV, a mysterious billionaire asks Dom to protect his ships. With no money, Dom procures an old Navy gunboat, hustles together a band of former commandos and heads to the Indian Ocean.

Within a year of arriving in the pirate-infested region, Dom becomes the kingpin of anti-piracy, playing a deadly game on the high seas with the infamous Garaad.

Dom’s methods may be brutal, yet to beat the contagion of piracy, every antidote needs the disease.

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Going Commando

Part one in the 'Bootneck Threesome' series

Available: NOW!

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'At the age of 16, many boys are discovering cheap booze, fags and incessant surliness. Those that can look ahead may see further education as their conduit into adulthood. I didn’t. I decided to forsake the luxury of sleep, comfortable clothing and the option of being indoors during extreme weather; instead choosing to follow a path some said I was neither physically or mentally ready to tread. Yet as the saying goes: The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.’ ~ Mark Time

Knowing his weak body will have to shape up to complete 30 weeks of commando training, Mark prepares for the Royal Marines by sleeping in his shed wearing only plastic bags. He braves pain by ordering his mate to attack him while trapped in a sleeping bag. He even starves himself in a stupid urban survival exercise, turning down the offer of his favourite crispy pancakes from his mother.

He knows about cold.

He can endure pain.

And he can resist crispy pancakes.

He is ready. Some, might say, for the nut house...

Often hilarious and yet shockingly sobering, Going Commando is the true story of a boy who joins one of the world’s most elite military units with only naivety and incompetence equalling his will to succeed.

Audiences worldwide will enjoy the book; for whilst the military is the book’s subtext, it is really a motivational tale of spirit to illustrate the hardships one must overcome to become the person they seek to be.

‘As the first book of the 'Bootneck Threesome' series, I wanted to create something different from the current crop of military literature. It is the alternative face of military life, where I acknowledge the calamity as well as derring-do. I try to bring humility into military writing, a highly regarded trait in the Royal Marines, which may come as a surprise when public perception points more towards an environment full of pouting testosterone,’ ~ Mark Time.

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Going All the Way

Part two in the 'Bootneck Threesome' series

Available: NOW!

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When Mark isn’t facing death, he is determined to fully celebrate life.

‘As the second instalment of the ‘Bootneck Threesome’ trilogy, I want to show that the folly of youth needn’t define who we become. It is a personal reflection of my early years as young bootneck with testicles full of bravado, brightly colourwashing my world with adventure, risk and absurdity; tempered with the demons that can hamper even the best of us.’ ~ Mark Time.

Now a commando, yet still more a poster boy for children’s pants than the Royal Marines, Mark joins his unit to hone newly found military skills and discover the noble art of transvestism.

He plunges into a world of sun, sea and sangars, where he regularly jumps between the dystopian world of colonial peacekeeping and the hedonistic lifestyle of a military with no wars to join.

Whether he is scuppering rum in the Caribbean or being sledgehammered by the unfiltered suffering of conflict, Mark carries a dark secret that weighs heavier than the equipment he carries on his back.

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Going Around the Bend

Part three in the 'Bootneck Threesome' series

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In a pioneering genre crossover that becomes the segue to his forthcoming travelogue series, Mark turns away from life as a hapless commando to join the ranks of misguided adventurer.

I’ve learned the hard way not to approach an immigration official whilst eating a Scotch Egg.’ ~ Mark Time.

Mark Time is leaving the Royal Marines.

Instead of looking for a job, he decides the ideal way to prepare for ‘Civvy Street’ is to participate in a kayaking expedition down the Mississippi River.

Armed with nothing more than audacity and a poor pancake recipe, Mark’s journey is typically one of hilarity and misfortune punctuated with surreal vignettes that venture off like the tributaries of the great river itself. As one does, Mark gets inextricably involved with, death, elk murdering Christians, heroin addicted teachers, stigmata, and a parrot called Humphrey, all while painting a unique caricature of the ‘Big Muddy’.

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'A cover to cover laughathon' ~ Soldier Magazine

'Tough, touching and a right good read' ~ Daily Telegraph - How to Win at Father's Day

'Ideal for taking on holiday I'd give it 10 out of 10 excellent read!' ~ Navy Net

'A real gem' ~ Bix

‘Hilarious, thought-provoking, inspirational' ~ Amy

‘Funniest.Book.Ever’ ~ Nick

‘Alternately garishly hilarious and quietly reflective’ ~ Betty’s books

‘Probably the best book I’ve read in the last 10 years’ ~ Ian

A smart and witty account of a young boy and his transformation into a Royal Marine. I read the first three pages and laughed out loud twice!! Mark Time has an incredible ability to keep you turning each page with a smile on your face- even through the more poignant epsiodes in his struggle to achieve his dream. I can't wait for the next book in the trilogy! ~ Mr. C. McDonnell "TripleCMcD"

As much as this book is a must read for anyone with an interest in the armed forces, it should also be read by anyone who needs inspiration to overcome adversity. The excellent use of humour keeps you enthralled throughout, but does not disguise the hardships of a deprived upbringing and a tough military training regime. I really enjoyed Going Commando and can't wait for book 2. ~ Alan Seaman

This is a great book about a young lad who came from a very humble and somewhat troubled childhood to persevere through the world's toughest basic military training. Expertly written it vividly and humorously describes the pain and heartache Mark had to overcome to achieve his adolescent aspiration. I read the book on a long haul flight and had several looks as I could not help myself laughing aloud as I sat alone, a true page turner and one that you can't stop until finishing the last page. As a former bootneck SNCO and Late Entry Officer I would say this book should be read by any person with a connection with the Royal Marines, in particularly the instructors on recruit training teams, and those in the wider public who have a great sense of humour or wish to be inspired by sheer determination to succeed and overcome a physical and mental battle to achieve individual goals; truly motivational! ~ Richard Brown

This is a must read for anyone connected with the Royals. Mums, sisters, daughters, WAGs please read as it will let you understand why your man is as he is. It certainly explains alot about my father's behaviour, at 76 he still wet shaves bare chested. Wannabes read as it is a great in depth description of what you will go through during your time at CTCRM. I laughed til I cried and then cried with emotion at the trials that the author and his oppos went through. Above all though, as great as the descriptions of their antics are, is the overwhelming desire to succeed and the need for a puny 16 yr old to be able to walk tall with the best. The proof that although you may think being physically strong is desirable, being mentally tough is what you really need to be a Bootneck. ~ Gina Smith




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